Super Movie Studies


Vocal Warm-ups 83-92

We will resume our regularly scheduled program soon Superfans! 

Enjoy the hilarity of ourselves and our guests and what embarassing things we say when we think the mics aren't on.  

We've compiled everything we say before the official intro starting with our return to the studio in episode 83 all the way up to ep. 92. 

Laugh at our folly.


The Lego Batman Movie

Check out my abs, superfans! 

Michael tries to cover all the B-villains listed off in the movie. 

Schuyler samples tracks from four separate artists. 

And Grant Austin describes the history of Batman as a LEGO property.


Vixen S1 and Bionicle: Mask of Light

Holy Double Episode superfans!

In this ep we give you a double dose of fun with Michael describing the comic book origin of Vixen and attempting to talk about Bionicle lore. 

Schuyler shows us a simple sweet clip from more of Blake Neely's vast collection. 

Ben revisits why you can't run up a wall and discusses the music in Bionicle: Mask of Light. 


Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek

To boldy go, superfans! 

Michael shows us the trail of comic book rights where Star Trek has been. 

Schuyler samples tracks from all three of the rebooted movies. 

Ben explains teleportation (again) and warp cores. 

And special guest Marin comes by to sprinkle in her expertise of the entire franchise and its emotional weight!


X2: X-Men United

One day, Superfans! One day!

Welcome to our X2 ep where Michael expresses his hate for X-Men comic book storylines.  

Schuyler is excited he gets to play another classical piece.  

And Ben lobotimizes everyone!


Batman: Bad Blood

We're lesbians, superfans!


In this ep, Michael talks about Batwoman and his personal encounter with the awesome Patrick Gleason. 

And Ben dives into hypnotism.

Straight from the acoustics of Ben's Bat-Kitchen


100th Episode 2-Year Anniversary Special

We made it, Superfans!


We have a special episode this week where we put on a little radio play for you all in our own self-indulgent way.

Tune in and listen to us embarass ourselves for a full 40 minutes!




The Incredibles

You got us monolouging, superfans! 

Here Michael gives us some info on the Incredibles comic book sequel by Mark Waid. 

Shuyler believes this film to be a bond film based on music. 

And Ben talks about volcanoes!


Star Wars: Rogue One

For the Rebellion, Superfans!


Michael recounts the written works of James Luceno


Schuyler talks about how this music sounds eeriely like Lion King.


Ben describes electromagnetic walls and static interference.


And special guest Austen Anderson comes on to share her unique perspective of the Star Wars franchise 


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

God save the queen, superfans!


We've got Michael describing the backgrounds of all your favorite Victorian characters.


Schuyler showing love to South African native Trevor Jones' underrated score.


And Grant Austin showing up explaing all of Nemo's technology including rockets, submarines and solar energy.